Driftwood Bowl

This dirftwood tree had washed up on our shore:

Species was unknown, but is probably maple.

Several chucks were cut out and bowls were turned.

The first bowl was from a larger dimaeter piece:

cut in half

Trimmed on the bandsaw

After turn it true (round) and turning a spigot on the bottom.

After turning it round I thought I had run into a nail but it turned out to be a piece of bird shot (lead and not steel)


I poked it out with an awl expecting it to be a nail but it popped right out:


Finished with tung oil, shellac and alcohol

I still have to reverse and turn off the tenon.

The knot was filled and stabilized with epoxy mixed with fillet.

Final result: finished with Tung oil + shellac + alcohol

Nice chatoyancy

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Walnut Bowl

The log blank was given to me by my sister and brother-in-law in 2012 from a walnut tree that had been lying in their woods for a few years. The sap wood had completely rotted but the core of the log was in good shape.

Cut in half:

Trimmed and then turned rough:


This bowl was turned rough in June 2012 and allowed to dry slowly, being weighed every few months.


Finally got back to it in the fall of 2017; the rough turned blank was turned to its final dimensions (14" x 6"); and then in January, 2018 I finished it up.



After turning the inside and shaping most of the outside, I had to devise a jam chuck to turn the tenon off the bottom. (My Cole chuck was too small for this bowl.) I had a 20" diameter piece of 3/4" MDF board that was glued together with a couple of pine blocks. I drilled a hole in the smaller one and inserted a wormwood screw – like so:

I super-glued a piece of 1/4" rubber mat that I had lying around onto the front of the MDF to make a non-skid surface. After finding the center point of the bowl (I had sanded off the little divot earlier to fit the tenon into the scroll chuck) I pulled up the tail stock and centered the bowl on the jam chuck.


I turned off the tenon down to a small nub that I subsquently popped off with a chisel. Then I sanded the bottom and applied walnut oil:

The bowl was sanded through the grits from P60 to P1000 and Mahoney's Utilty Walnut oil appled in several coats.

Final bowl, bottom views

180o view

Top view


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Ash Bowl

From a bolt of ash given to me by Tom Tutor. (~14 x ~5").


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Plum Tree Bowl

From log from Lang Smith's ancient plum tree:


A bark inclusion filled with epoxy.

Finished with High Build Friction polish.

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Bowl from Locust

Bowl from a locust log that Tom Tutor left on my porch.

Present for Jesse.

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Walnut Platter

Walnut Platter from a piece of walnut (~50 years old) from Peter Smith's father

Finished with walnut oil (Mahoney's Utility Finish) (13" x 1")

A Christmas gift to Peter 2016.



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Wooden Mallet from Honey Locust

Wooden Mallet from a Honey Locust log given to me by John King:






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Plum Tree Bowl

Pear bowl from a branch from Lang Smith's plum tree.

Finished with Mylands Sanding sealer, Mohoney's Walnut Oil utility finish and topped with serveral coats of Mylands High Build friction Polish.






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Ponderosa Pine Bowl

A pine bowl with the sun shining on the back side showing the translucent knots.





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Ponderosa Pine Bowl 2

Second pine bowl from the other half of the log:





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Birch Bowl 2

From the other half of the log …






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Birch Bowl

Turned from a birch log.

– for Sue Hatch for a wedding present.


Finished with sanding sealer and walnut oil.

(9" x 4")






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Walnut Platter

From a walnut plank (at least 50 years old) given to me by Peter Smith.

From two pieces glued together; finished with walnut oil.

dia 14"  depth 2.5"



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Honey Locust Salad Bowl

The locust log from which this bowl was turned was a gift from John Higginson who bucked and split the log after the September 11 2013 storm that took down several thousand (yes, thousand) trees on Islesboro.

John gave me two half logs


Trimmed with the electric chain saw, with face plate already attached for mountingIMG_2709

Ready to go onto the latheIMG_2710

Mounted and ready to start turning round.IMG_2713

After some turning IMG_2716

And after a lot more turning, mostly round with this "feature" in the side. I think I'll incorporate it into the final bowl.IMG_2730

After turning a proper tenon on the bottom and reverse mounting and turning the inside. 15" in daiameter.


Outside after thinning the walls.


Inside after thinning the walls. The "feature" in the wall will be filled with … something.



The bowl was turned in the fall of 2013 and the holes filled in the summer of 2015.

The large opening on the outside of the bowl was filled with a mixture of cherry sawdust and epoxy after a piece of cardbaord was inserted to provide a bottom for the hole.

Then the inside portion of the hole was filled with tourquoise mixed with epoxy (InLace)

The final turning to clean up the tenon and foot was completed in May of 2016. And the bowl finished with walnut oil.

Final dia = 14" and height=9.5"

_DSC8380 _DSC8379 _DSC8381

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Bowl from Cherry Burl

The burl was a gift from Preston.

Burl trimmed round on the bandsaw



After some turning:


There was a large bark inclusion which has been incorporated into the bowl


Final bowl with inclusion:

Finished with walnut oil

_DSC8373 _DSC8372 _DSC8370_DSC8371

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Ash bowl with walnut stripe

I had turned this little bowl (4" dia) a couple of years ago. While turning the foot broke off, and so I sawed it in two to have a look at the cross section. I threw one half in the burn pile and the other half I put on a shelf to remind me.

This year I re-united the two halves after cutting 1/8" from each half and inserting a 1/4" strip of walnut, and gluing the three pieces together. Moutned it in a jam chuck and turned a new spigot on the bottom; trued up the outside; then mounted it by the spigot and turned the inside true. After sanding through the grits, I appled walnut oil.

_DSC8376 _DSC8375

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Ambrosia Maple Natural Edge Bowl

Ambrosia Maple natural edge bowl from a log given to me by Preston.

bottom view

IMG_5548Top view


Started with a blank cut round on the bandsaw, a flat spot made under the bark with a forstner bit.

IMG_5483And mounted between centers using a steb center on the head stock side. 


Turned a tenon on the bottom and

shaped and cleaned up the outside.


Then reverse mounted it in the four jaw scroll chuck. IMG_5501

Final inside:  face-on viewIMG_5521

Side view.IMG_5525

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Razor Handle

Razor handle made from a piece of mahogany trim from John Van Daam's boat Finito.


Top view razor and the rest of the trim piece left over from Finito.

Screen Shot DSC7994_2016-01-14 at 17.49.51Side view.Screen Shot DSC7994_2016-01-14 at 17.30.56

Finished with high build friction polish.


In the end, the high build friction polish didn't hold up in the bathroom environment. John returned it to me, and I refinished it with CA glue to give it a shiney, waterproof, and more durable finish.

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Apple Bowl

Spalted apple bowl from a tree cut in the fall of 2014 at Lang and Marilyn Smith's.


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Poplar Bowl

Poplar bowl from the cut off of the tree Preston and I milled in  2014

Screen Shot DSC6586_2016-01-14 at 20.27.24

Screen Shot DSC6587_2016-01-14 at 20.23.43

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Small Cherry Bowl

This little bowl was rough turned about a year ago and coated heavily with Anchorseal to slow the drying preocess. It had warped considerably:  the rim had to be sanded to flatten it so it could be mounted in the cole chuck to turn the tenon true so it could be mounted in the scroll chuck.

Top view before sanding


Bottom also before sandingIMG_4887

Side views showing the warp that had to be sanded out flat on the belt sander before it could be mounted.


IMG_4889Mounted on the Cole chuck to be turned true and then


reverse mounted in the scroll chcuk to turn the inside.


And reverse mounted again in the Cole chuck to clean up the bottom.


After sanding and finishing with walnut oil.

Bottom view:


Top view:


(1 3/4" x 5 1/2")

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Birch End Grain Bowl

Second end grain bowl.

The log with bark on was mounted between centers and turned to this stage. Several cracks were treated with saw dust and super glue. Very tough going with the EasyWood tools and also somewhat easier but still difficult even with the OneWay Termite Ring Tool (designed to be used on cross grain).


The other end


After the center "tenon" was removed, a hole was drilled down the center to mark the depth. But it quickly became apparent that the standard tool rest I was using was way too short to safely turn out the rest of the inside. I got another longer one shown below. This reduced the "over-reach" and allowed the ring tool to cut safely and with stability without chattering and catching. This is the Modular Tool Rest System from Packard Woodworks using a (6" Radius Rest – 12") curved tool rest.


Inside finished and oiled with walnut oil. The walnut oil brought out the reddish color of the end grain.


Reverse mounted on the cole chuck to finish off the bottom.


Using the OneWay Termite ring tool to clean up the bottom.


Partially done …


Finished; sanded and oiled with walnut oil


Side view. The bowl has a maximum diameter of 10 1/2" with a 7" openning at the top and is 9 1/2" high.


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Salad Bowl (Wedding present)

Log left on our front porch: might be birch but the bark is a little different than expected for birch.


Cut in half on the bandsaw; circle drawn for the bowl


Trimmed up a little, balanced and centered on the lathe

Between centers.IMG_4683 IMG_4687

Turned round and a tenon turned on the bottom


Mounted in the scroll chuck by the tenon and the inside partially turned out.


Almost finished – needs to be sanded more and mineral oil + beeswax + carnauba wax to be applied.




Finished with salad bowl wax (mineral oil + beeswax + carnauba wax)IMG_4788


Salad tongs made from walnut

This was a wedding gift for Dan and Kim.

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Cherry bowl (with nail)

This bowl was from a log that Tom Tutor gave me. It was from his dooryard.

Log cut in half on bandsawIMG_4425 IMG_4427

Bowl blank cut from half logIMG_4430While shaping the bowl, I ran into a metal object in the wood!

The discoloration in the wood was from the metal bit.IMG_4442

After trying to chisel it out and prying it outIMG_4443 IMG_4445

It turned out to be a single nail

After cleaning up the hole, which went all the way through, I turned it into a feature …

… by filling the hole with turquoise/epoxy InLace


Finished with High Build Friction Polish (Walnut oil and shellac)



Here’s that pesky nail; it broke in two places as I extracted it.



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Ash Bowl

  • Ash Bowl.


IMG_4423The bowl was rough turned about 18 months ago and finished this August.


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