Small Cherry Bowl

This little bowl was rough turned about a year ago and coated heavily with Anchorseal to slow the drying preocess. It had warped considerably:  the rim had to be sanded to flatten it so it could be mounted in the cole chuck to turn the tenon true so it could be mounted in the scroll chuck.

Top view before sanding


Bottom also before sandingIMG_4887

Side views showing the warp that had to be sanded out flat on the belt sander before it could be mounted.


IMG_4889Mounted on the Cole chuck to be turned true and then


reverse mounted in the scroll chcuk to turn the inside.


And reverse mounted again in the Cole chuck to clean up the bottom.


After sanding and finishing with walnut oil.

Bottom view:


Top view:


(1 3/4" x 5 1/2")

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