I would like to acknowledge the sources of information that have made my woodturning both possible and a never-ending source of a pleasure: First, I thank Preston Hensley for getting me interested in turning and for lighting my fire, and providing inspiration … and suggesting the Powermatic Lathe, and Fred Montney, who gave me important advice in the beginning

Most of what I have learned so far has been from YouTube videos by numerous people, most notably  

Donna Zils Banfield Donna Zils Banfield :

Bob Hamilton bobham5

Eddie Castelin Cap'n Eddie

Rex Burningham Rex Burningham

Carl Jacobson As Wood Turns

Cindy Drozda Cindy Drozda videos

Allen Tyler Allen Tyler Videos

Mike Peace Mike Peace Woodturning

…among many others.


With inspiration from:

Larry's Woodturning

Chuck Widwgsen

Twisted Turner

Downscale Designs

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