Birch End Grain Bowl

Second end grain bowl.

The log with bark on was mounted between centers and turned to this stage. Several cracks were treated with saw dust and super glue. Very tough going with the EasyWood tools and also somewhat easier but still difficult even with the OneWay Termite Ring Tool (designed to be used on cross grain).


The other end


After the center "tenon" was removed, a hole was drilled down the center to mark the depth. But it quickly became apparent that the standard tool rest I was using was way too short to safely turn out the rest of the inside. I got another longer one shown below. This reduced the "over-reach" and allowed the ring tool to cut safely and with stability without chattering and catching. This is the Modular Tool Rest System from Packard Woodworks using a (6" Radius Rest – 12") curved tool rest.


Inside finished and oiled with walnut oil. The walnut oil brought out the reddish color of the end grain.


Reverse mounted on the cole chuck to finish off the bottom.


Using the OneWay Termite ring tool to clean up the bottom.


Partially done …


Finished; sanded and oiled with walnut oil


Side view. The bowl has a maximum diameter of 10 1/2" with a 7" openning at the top and is 9 1/2" high.


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