Honey Locust Salad Bowl

The locust log from which this bowl was turned was a gift from John Higginson who bucked and split the log after the September 11 2013 storm that took down several thousand (yes, thousand) trees on Islesboro.

John gave me two half logs


Trimmed with the electric chain saw, with face plate already attached for mountingIMG_2709

Ready to go onto the latheIMG_2710

Mounted and ready to start turning round.IMG_2713

After some turning IMG_2716

And after a lot more turning, mostly round with this "feature" in the side. I think I'll incorporate it into the final bowl.IMG_2730

After turning a proper tenon on the bottom and reverse mounting and turning the inside. 15" in daiameter.


Outside after thinning the walls.


Inside after thinning the walls. The "feature" in the wall will be filled with … something.



The bowl was turned in the fall of 2013 and the holes filled in the summer of 2015.

The large opening on the outside of the bowl was filled with a mixture of cherry sawdust and epoxy after a piece of cardbaord was inserted to provide a bottom for the hole.

Then the inside portion of the hole was filled with tourquoise mixed with epoxy (InLace)

The final turning to clean up the tenon and foot was completed in May of 2016. And the bowl finished with walnut oil.

Final dia = 14" and height=9.5"

_DSC8380 _DSC8379 _DSC8381

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