Driftwood Bowl

This dirftwood tree had washed up on our shore:

Species was unknown, but is probably maple.

Several chucks were cut out and bowls were turned.

The first bowl was from a larger dimaeter piece:

cut in half

Trimmed on the bandsaw

After turn it true (round) and turning a spigot on the bottom.

After turning it round I thought I had run into a nail but it turned out to be a piece of bird shot (lead and not steel)


I poked it out with an awl expecting it to be a nail but it popped right out:


Finished with tung oil, shellac and alcohol

I still have to reverse and turn off the tenon.

The knot was filled and stabilized with epoxy mixed with fillet.

Final result: finished with Tung oil + shellac + alcohol

Nice chatoyancy

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