Cork Bowl

Cork bowl blank (A gift from Dave)


Wormwood screw chuck

IMG_2864Mounted between centers on the screw chuck


Drizzling CA glue into cracks and a ring check:


Starting on the inside – still between centers for added stability. Using the EasyWood round carbide cutter.

IMG_2867After most of the inside was turned out.


Finishing shaping and sanding of the outside IMG_2871

Finishing the inside after removing the center tenon.


Using a curved tool rest for getting closer to the inside walls (OD = 10")

IMG_2888After sanding through the grits to 1200 grit


Made a jam chuck to finish off the bottom



Used rubber shelving liner to provide friction and cushion between the jam chuck and the bowl.


(Not a good idea: it left stains on the inside that had to be sanded out: Next time I'll try some other material)

The bowl was centered on the jam chuck using the divot left by the live center that was used for turning the tenon.

IMG_2904 IMG_2913

Mounted on the jam chuck:



I turned most of the bottom while it was in the jam chuck but I had to leave a little nub that I carefully removed with a chisel. And then I sanded the bottom off the lathe.

Finished Bowl – well almost, the bottom requires more work – mostly sanding. At this point the bowl has not been treated with any finish.





Spectmber 2015: The bottom and the inside were sanded and the ring check treated with sanding dust and CA glue both inside and out. The bowl was sanded again and then oiled with Mahoney's Walnut oil.




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