Cherry Spoon

I was in the process of gathering up scraps of wood to throw them into the burn pile. I ran across this piece of cherry, a cutoff from another project, and said "Nah; I'll make a spoon out of it". More fun than cleaning up.

I cut a thin slice – slightly curved – from the piece of cheery and drew the rough outline of a spoon on it and cut around the outline with the band saw.

I ended up with this, after a lot of whittling with a knife and a spoon gouge. Did some of the sanding on the belt/disc sander but mostly by hand from 60 grit through 600 grit. Final finishing was done with the Beall Bowl Buffing system using the lathe at 2000 RPM with tripoli, white diamond and carnauba wax.




This shows the spoon inserted back into the original piece of cherry from which it was cut



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close up:




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