Spalted Apple Hollow Form

Hollow Form from Lang Smith's apple tree. (7" x 3 1/2")

Started out between centers, shaped the sides and turned a tenon on the bottom.

Then reverse mounted it in the four jaw scroll chuck.

Drilled out the center with a 2 1/4" Forstner bit to the final depth.

And used an EasyWood hollowing tool to remove most of the inside.

Finished and wet sanded by hand with Mahoney's Walnut Oil Utility Finish using Abranet 80-320 grits

The bottom tenon was removed by reverse chucking the bowl by the hole in expansion mode:

Bottom after the tenon was removed. Sanded and finished.

then …

The bowl was mounted on a jam chuck that was made from a piece of poplar. The jam chuck was cut in a taper to mate the hole. A jam chuck was used so that I had complete access to apply the finish to the top area around the hole.

and a "soft touch" was screwed to the live center on the tail piece to hold the bowl in place:

Here's the result after applying the Hi-build friction polish:

This piece was inspired by Joel Gerber of Solana Beach, California.

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