Small Bowl from fruit wood.

This is most likely apple.

Started with a small log:

resawed it to get a good blank with the pith off to one side. This is the leftover piece.

I then rounded it out on the band saw and mounted a faceplate on the flat side:

And turned the bottom:

This shows the tenon with extra bit cut off:

This was then mounted in the 4 jaw chuck to turn the inside of the bowl:

Some of the inside was removed first with a forstner bit:

Started cutting out the inside:

Reverse mounted it in the jam chuck to turn off the tenon and tidy up the foot.

Finished bowl (4 1/4″ dia.)

Bottom view:


Oiled with orange oil


After drying a little and having warped and

after applying beeswax, carnuba wax and orange oil mixture:

November 6, 2011

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