Small Ash Bowl (5″ dia)

August 31, 2011

When I got the 3/8″ Sorby fingernail bowl gouge, I tried it out on this piece first. Big difference.

Started from a half log from the firewood pile on the front porch

Mounted between centers etc etc … catches and gouges and …

… hiatus …

After I got the fingernail bowl gouge, I finished it up.

fingernail bowl gouge and rescued bowl

turned but not sanded

To finish the bottom, I used a jam chuck. The jam chuck was turned out of a small maple log by turning it round, cutting a tenon in one end and rounding over the other end. The tenon end is mounted in the 4 jaw chuck and the other end receives the inside of the bowl. I used a square patch of green ScotchBrite to provide friction between the jam chuck and the piece to be turned.

Jam Chuck

bowl mounted on the jam chuck showing ScotchBrite

Turning the bottom using the jam chuck

This bowl was hand sanded after dismounting it … not the way to do it.

Should have sanded while it was on the lathe and in the 4 jaw chuck.
Minutes vs. hours.

Finished with boiled linseed oil and beeswax (too smelly and not food safe)


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