Japanese Maple Bowl


Japanese maple bowl¬† ( 7 1/4″ x 3″)



The blank for this bowl was cut from this half log:

which is the other half of this log:

The Japanese Maple came from a tree that Brandon and Sharon had to cut down. Brandon cut up most of the trunk into logs and painted the ends. It should yield many bowls.

The ends of the logs were painted to slow the drying process to reduce the tendency to check and split.

In process on the lathe


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2 Responses to Japanese Maple Bowl

  1. C Daniel Smith says:


    I’ve really enjoyed browsing through your work. It looks like you’re really doing a nice job.

    After we left the island we stopped in “Once a Tree” before heading to the airport. You should look over some of the work there your next time up the coast. A running slide show explains some of the methods of the artisans.

    Send me your e-mail sometime. I’d like to pass along a link to you.


  2. Connie Constantine says:

    I think what you are doing is SO cool! I am proud to call you my big brother. Great work and your pieces are getting better and better.

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